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[title text=”Frequently Asked Questions”]


[accordion-item title=”Why SnackeRx?”]

Well… there are many many reasons… here’s a few!

Variety! We source our snacks from a wide variety of farmers and suppliers locally, which means that most of the snacks you will have come directly from a source nearby and may not always be available in convenience stores. It also means that the variety will keep your taste buds excited!

Nutrition! Your snack box is designed for your lifestyle. Under the strict guidance of professional nutritionists and personal trainers, we offer boxes that fit professionals, University/High School Students, Junior School Children and hopefully soon some boxes for people with dietary restrictions and the elderly.. This means that your snacks contribute towards the nutrition you need for the work you do. Not only will you feel better, your productivity will improve a few folds at least!

Vision! SnackeRx is a product of passion for everything food. With our efforts we hope to bring more people on the journey of health and wellness while promoting and cultivating food innovation in the region. Our dream is to create a culture of nutrition first food innovators in the UAE that other countries will want to follow. By supporting these food innovators, you too will be a part of this vision for a better food future!

[accordion-item title=”When Will I get My Box?”]

Your first box will ship in 90 days. We are still young and so we need some time to get cracking! To get your boxes sooner, help us pick up the pace by spreading the word!

[accordion-item title=”Do you Ship Outside UAE?”]

At the moment we are focusing on building a base in the UAE, we do plan on serving the GCC in the near future and building SnackeRx into a global brand over time!

[accordion-item title=”What Will I get in My Box?”]

Your box will contain 10 or more snacks that will be more than enough to keep you busy munching for a week. You will get 4 boxes each month, one for each week, with a selection of locally sourced, fresh and healthy snacks.

[accordion-item title=”Can I Customize My Box?”]

Our boxes are usually designed with nutritionists and therefore it is not easy to change things around too much! However, you are going to be the one snacking, so if there are any special requests, e-mail us and we will do our best to find a way to keep everyone happy!

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Can’t find the answer to your questions in FAQ?

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E-mail: hello@snackerx.com